Once "3rd Party Gradebook Sync" has been enabled, Teachers must do the following:

In order to connect a Google account to your Gradelink account, first login to Gradelink with a Teacher account and go to the GradeSheet tab. Then, select an academic class using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Finally, click on the Settings button that appears next to the classes dropdown menu. If you don't see a Settings button, then you need to select a different class from the dropdown menu.

Note: An "academic" class refers to any class that uses the Standard or Credit/No Credit class types.

Clicking the "Settings" button will take you to the Sync Settings page. When you first visit the Sync Settings page, you'll see a blank page with a button that says "Sign in with Google Classroom".

Click on this button and the Google API will open in a separate tab, prompting you to either sign in to your Google account or to select a previously signed in Google account saved by your browser.

Once you sign in to a Google account, you'll be prompted to move on to the next step: granting Gradelink access to your Google Classroom data.