Recording student health information and tracking potential COVID-19 / coronavirus cases can be made easier by making use of several several different tools in Gradelink.

For example, if your school is required to regularly check a student's temperature and/or make other observations about their health, this can be done by recording an "Office Visit" in the Medical section of the Students tab:

  1. Go to the Students tab
  2. Select the Medical sub-tab
  3. Click Exams
  4. Select the student you would like to include information for
  5. Click the "Add" button

In the "Types" dropdown menu, select the "Office Visit" type. This will cause several additional fields to appear, such as "Reasons for Visit" and "Findings". Record the date and time the student's temperature was taken by using the Date and Time fields, respectively. In the Followup Notes field, you can also make a note of whether or not the student was sent home or if the student was not admitted to school on that date.

Data recorded in office visits can be easily viewed in a single, comprehensive report called the "Medical Log". This report can be accessed via the following steps:

  1. Go to the Students tab
  2. Click on "View / Export"
  3. Click "Medical Log"

This report can be sorted or filtered using each column header to only display certain information. Furthermore, it can be exported as a Microsoft Excel file by clicking on the small button with the green "X" in the upper right corner of the report.

If your school records this kind of information on a daily basis, it may be easier to add a "COVID-19" column to your daily attendance sheet which could then be checked when a student's temperature is over a recommended threshold.

To configure your attendance sheets daily COVID-19 reporting, start by going to the Settings tab and clicking on the "Daily Attendance Settings" button.

Then, create a new attendance value using the following steps:

  1. Enter a title, such as "COVID" or "High Temp"
  2. Enter an abbreviation for the previous title (for use on certain reports)
  3. Enter a symbol (for use on certain reports)
  4. Enter a Report Card Title; this field needs to be filled in even if you don't want it to appear on the report card, but you can just copy the title from step 1
  5.  Determine whether or not you want this attendance value to appear on Report Cards
  6.  Check the box labeled Multi-Select
  7.  Make sure both the Present value and Absent value are .00
  8.  Make sure the Excluded Attendance box is unchecked
  9.  Make sure the Billing Value box is unchecked
  10.  Click "Save Changes"

A number of tools are available for parents who may need to screen at home:

While Gradelink does not integrate with these services directly, they can be helpful tools for parents who are unfamiliar with state and federal guidelines and/or the screening process. Parents can then pass on the results of their screening to schools so that student absences can be properly reported.