Gradelink's DOE-MV Export allows your school to submit data that satisfies the state's data gathering requirements for Choice Scholarship students.

To ensure that the export runs correctly, please perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure your school is located in Indiana
  2. Enter your State-assigned School Code
  3. Prepare your Student Records
  4. Generate the DOE-MV Export

Step 1: Ensure your school is located in Indiana

To enable the Indiana DOE-MV Export, your school needs to be located in Indiana. Therefore, the first thing you to do is go to the Settings tab and click on the "School Profile" button in order to record your school's location in Gradelink.

Make sure that your school's Country/Region is set to "United States" and your State/Province is set to "Indiana" - this will enable additional fields in the Students tab as well as the Indiana DOE-MV Export button in the Administrator Reports tab.

Step 2: Enter your State-assigned School Code

While you're on the School Profile page, you should also ensure that you have entered your state-assigned School Code. Your School Code should be no more than four characters and may include a mix of letters and numbers.

Step 3: Prepare your Student Records

As mentioned previously, when you set your school's State/Province to "Indiana", you will enable additional fields in the Students tab. There are four required fields that must be completed in order for a student to be included on the DOE-MV Export:

  1. Student Test Number (referred to in Gradelink as "Test Service" number)
  2. Corporation Number
  3. County
  4. Virtual Due to COVID-19

Fields for Student Test Number, Corporation Number, and Virtual Due to COVID-19 can all be found on the "Documents" page in the Students tab.

Note: If a student's Corporation Number begins with a "0", it will look like it is removed when you click "Save". However, don't panic: when you generate the DOE-MV Export, the "0" will automatically be re-added.

The County field is located in the "Addresses" page.

Step 4: Generate the DOE-MV Export

Once you are finished preparing your student records, the final step in the process is to export your school's data.

To generate the export, all you need to do is go to the Administrator Reports tab and click on the "Indiana DOE-MV Export" button. 

Note: If you don't see the "Indiana DOE-MV Export" button, make sure that you've completed Step 1 and that your school's location is set to Indiana.

Your browser should immediately begin downloading the file and once it's done, all you need to do is review the file for completeness and then submit the file to the STN Application Center.