Gradelink submits several kinds of Staff data to Data Exchange. The most important are:

All data are recorded via the Staff profile in the Staff tab, making it easy to update all Staff members in one location.

Employment Type

Employment Type is a dropdown menu where you can select a value that represents the current employment status of the selected Staff member.

Hire Date

Hire Date is also easy to record: click on the field and a calendar menu will appear allowing you to select a specific day, month, and year. If you are recording information about a Staff member that no longer works at your school, you should also fill in the Release Date field to indicate when their employment officially ended.

Hispanic Ethnicity Question

The Hispanic Ethnicity Question is a separate field from the default Race menu. If a Staff is Hispanic, it isn't enough to select a corresponding value in the Race menu: you must also record either "Yes" or "No" in the Hispanic menu.

Staff Personnel Number

The Staff Personnel Number (here "SPN", also referred to as "Unique ID") is a unique value that Data Exchange uses to identify all Staff members at your school. Each SPN can only be associated with one Staff member, and Gradelink will let you know if there are any duplicated SPNs on the Validation page.

Email Address

Last but not least, Gradelink only submits Staff data to the Data Exchange for Staff members that have at least one Email Address associated with their Gradelink account.