Did you know email messages can be sent as an SMS (text message)? You don't even need to have SmartSend Pro. Most major cellular carriers have what's known in industry lingo as an SMS Gateway. Basically, you can send an email to a mobile number's built-in email address using the format listed below, and it will arrive as a text message.


AT&T Wirelessmobile-number@txt.att.net
Boost Mobilemobile-number@myboostmobile.com
Metro PCSmobile-number@mymetropcs.com
Sprint (PCS)mobile-number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Straight Talkmobile-number@VTEXT.COM
U.S. Cellularmobile-number@email.uscc.net
Virgin Mobilemobile-number@vmobl.com


And example of what this would look like for a Verizon cell phone number is:  1234567890@vtext.com 

Do not use characters like "(" or "-". Do not use the "1" that precedes the area code. The number should be exactly 10 digits.

If a parent or student wants to receive grade or discipline alerts via text message, they can enter their mobile SMS address (as shown above) in their Alerts tab.

Keep in mind:

  • Any emails sent via the Communicate Tab (SmartSend) as well as any Parent/Student Alerts that are triggered will be sent to the cell phone in the form of a text message and standard carrier rates apply.

  • Standard Text Messaging character limits are 160 characters. If your email message is longer than this, the carrier may split the email into multiple text messages, or only deliver a single message with the first 160 characters.

  • Gradelink's Grade and Attendance alerts generally deliver the critical information within that first 160 characters. Discipline alerts may be more significantly truncated.