Progress Report General Options

# Progress Report Option Description
1 Report Title  A customizable title for the report.
2 Show School Name  The header of the report will include the school’s name and contact information saved in the School Profile
3 Show Percentage Grade  Shows a percentage grade in addition to the letter grade for all subject. If the grade scale used by a subject does not have “Show Percentage Grade” checked, then the percentage grade will not appear for that subject even if this option is checked.
4 Show grade scale
 Shows the grade scale related percentages
5 Show GPA and Credits  Shows a student's GPA and amount of available units for the current term.
6 Show teacher name  Shows the subject teacher name
7 Show class Effort
 If Effort is enabled, this shows the effort mark for each class
8 Show Numbered Comments
 If enabled, this will show numbered comments for each class and the numbered comments legend.
9 Show Custom Classes
 Show classes with the class type of ‘Custom’. Typically non-academic classes are Custom classes such as “Work Habits” and Kindergarten classes.
10 Show first line only  If “show Custom Classes” is enabled, this will hide the sub-grades for custom classes. If unchecked, the sub-grades will appear for custom classes.
11 Insert extra page break  Inserts a page break after the numbered comments
12 Show Term Comments
 If Term Comments are enabled, this will display them
13 Class attendance
 Shows Class Attendance if class attendance is set up
14 School attendance
 Shows Daily Attendance if daily attendance is set up
15 Worship attendance  Shows Worship attendance if worship attendance is set up
16 Class assignments  Shows all assignments for all classes including their grade.
17 Teacher signature line  Shows a signature line for the teacher.
18 Parent signature line  Shows a signature line for the Parent. If you need more space above the Parent Signature you can specify a margin in Pixels. 100px is approximately 1 inch
19 Add student name in footer
20 Report text
21 Report Profile Use to modify the header graphics, watermark, height of the header called “top margin space”, Term Comments title and font size

Additional Settings

# Progress Report Setting Description
A Standard Class Types  This is the type that you would normally assign to a typical class that contains assignments. The class type setting for each class is found on the Classes tab
B Custom Class Types  Custom classes are non-academic classes and are typically used in Pres School or for classes such as “Behavior” or “Conduct”. You can setup your own Custom Class Types on the Classes tab
C Top Margin  You can adjust the height of the header by specifying the desired height in pixels. The default height is 130px where 100px is roughly an inch.
D Teacher Text Comments Title  The default name Term Comments on the progress report is “Term Title + Comments” for example, “Trimester 1 2014-2015 Comments”. You can rename the title given to Term Comments by entering the desired title here
E Student Name and Column Headings font size  Adjust the font size for the headings
F General font size  Adjust the font size for body text