1. A class is appearing multiple times on the Report Card when it shouldn't be.


There are several common mistakes that Administrators and Teachers can make that could accidentally result in a class showing up multiple times on Report Cards.

Report Cards reflect the Classes a student is populated into, so one reason a student might have duplicate classes on their Report Card is if the student has been incorrectly populated into classes. For example, when an Administrator was adding students to Classes, they mistakenly added a particular student to "English 9" and "English 10". 

Fixing this issue is easy: just use the Populate Classes tab to add or remove a student from a class. 

Another reason a student might have duplicate classes on their Report Card is if the Report Title for the Class changed between terms. For example, in Term 1 a Class might have been called "English 9", but in Term 2 it was shortened to just "English". When Gradelink compiles Class information in order to generate a Report Card, one thing it looks for is matching Report Titles. As a result, if the Report Title changes between Terms it can cause two separate Classes to appear on the Report Card.

An easy way to check if any of your Classes' Report Titles have been changed is through the "Analyze Classes" tool in the Classes tab.

Using the Analyze Classes tool, you'll be able to look at any changes made to Classes during specific Terms, including changes to Report Titles:

Fixing a Report Title is easy: just go to the Classes tab, select the Class you'd like to rename, and edit the information in the fields on the left.