1. A class is displaying grades using the wrong grade scale, how do I fix this?

2. The grade scale that appears on the report card is incorrect, what do I do?


Grade Scales are used on the report card for two reasons:

  • First, they are used to determine which symbols to display to represent the grades earned in each class
  • Second, they appear as a legend so that parents and students can interpret the symbols being displayed

In this sample report card, you can see an example of each use of the grade scale: class grades appear on the right, while the grade scale legend appears on the left.

When Classes are created, they must have a grade scale assigned to them. Therefore, the easiest way to fix incorrect class grades on the report card is to make sure that each class has the appropriate grade scale assigned to it.

Grade scale legends, on the other hand, function differently depending on which report card template you are using:

  • On the Letter-Landscape and Tri-Fold templates, grade scale legends must be configured manually using custom HTML. Therefore, even if you change the grade scale for a class, the report card may not reflect the change. If your school uses either of these templates, please contact Gradelink support and we will update your report card for you.
  • The Multi-Term and Multi-Term Two Column templates automatically update the grade scale legend to reflect the grade scale assigned to classes. Therefore, if the grade scale legend is incorrect, it means that one or more of the classes have the wrong grade scale assigned to them.