Note: This article is about customizing the options that appear in various drop-down menus in the Prospects Workflow. If you would like to learn about customizing the Prospective Student Form, please click here.

Using the Coding menu, located in the Students tab, Administrators can create their own default values for the Tags, Next Follow-Up Action, and Closing Disposition menus that appear in the Prospects Workflow.

To customize the options that appear in each menu:

  1. Click on the Students tab
  2. Click on the Admin sub-tab
  3. Select Coding from the top left

To add a new entry to a particular menu, select it from the list on the left, hit the Add button, and then fill out the fields on the right. Don't forget to hit Save.

Note: Some of the coding lists may be blank when you select them. However, this does not mean the list is empty. If a coding menu appears blank, that means that Gradelink is using default values. As soon as you start adding new values, they will appear normally.