The Login Info Report is a customizable report that displays login information for both Student and Family/Parent accounts. The text of the report can be customized to fit your school's unique needs, and if you're interested in personalizing your login letters, please contact Gradelink Support.

To print or email login information for an individual student or parent:

  1. Select the Students tab and then select the Main sub-tab
  2. Select a Student on the left
  3. Click the Login Info button
  4. Select a Report Profile and then configure display options, including Language, visibility of family accounts, and information about the Gradelink app
  5. Print or Email your report

You may notice that even when you change a family or student password, the Login Info report displays a password that doesn't match what you typed.

Gradelink takes the security of personal information seriously. As a result, Gradelink employs random password generation. When an account password is updated Gradelink generates a second password that displays on the Login Information report. 

The entered password still works - in fact, both passwords work! The purpose of the random password is so that the Login Information report can be safely emailed or printed and mailed to Students and Parents without compromising their actual password. Students and Parents should use this random password to sign in once, then immediately change it to something easier for them to remember. A new random password is generated whenever the entered/updated password changes, so even if someone finds the original email or a printed copy of the report, the random password on it won't be usable after the change.