There are 3 categories of files:

  1. Student Photos: Pictures uploaded here will display in the Photo/Picture section of the student's demographics with the most recent photo first (you don't need to delete old photos to update them, just upload the new one).
  2. Enrollment Files: These are files specific to enrollment applications.
  3. Administrative Files: All other files can be uploaded here and tagged accordingly.


There is a 10MB maximum per file in the Student Files area. 

All major file formats are supported. 

Maximizing Storage Space:

For Student photos, JPEG is generally the best format.

For Administrative Files such as scanned documents we recommend PDF format. PDFs are a great file format for documents and can be easily viewed and distributed. However, to save space, look in your scanner software for a resolution option and set it to 300 dpi for scanned documents. This will maintain good quality while reducing the file size.

You can also use image compression to reduce the size of your scanned documents. For example, if you save your scanned documents in JPEG or PDF format, you can lower the quality or compression level a bit to reduce the file size. Be careful not to compress too much as it may affect the readability of the document.

Finally, consider deleting duplicate files or files that are no longer needed. This is particularly important if you frequently upload scanned documents.