1. Is there a way to hide grades for students and parents?

2. Can we turn off the attendance tab on the parent interface?


Gradelink allows Administrators to hide both academic and attendance tabs on the parent interface, and furthermore allows Administrators to only hide those tabs for parents of students in specific grade levels.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click the Parent/Student sub-tab
  3. There are three options available depending on which tabs you would like to hide:
    • Hide Academic tabs: Hides the Alerts, Grades, Assignments, Transcript, and Schedule tabs
    • Hide Attendance tab: Hides the Attendance tab (and also hides Attendance classes in the Alerts tab)
    • Hide grades: Hide Grades, Points, and GPA information regardless of which tab they appear in
  4. After selecting the appropriate grade levels for each setting, click Save Changes