In the Parent/Student section of the Settings tab, Administrators can control what areas of Gradelink parents and students have access to.

Let's look at each of the view/access settings at the top of the page one at a time:

  1. Bell curve graph of assignments: Students and Parents will be able to see a graph of other students' grades on each assignment. However, other students' names will not be visible.
  2. Attendance Comments: Allows Students and Parents to see attendance comments that were entered in addition to the student's attendance for the day.

  3. GPA: Displays the student's GPA for the current term on the "Grades" tab and the "Transcript" tab.

  4. Attendance Alerts: Allows the parent/student to set alerts based on attendance entries.

  5. Student Schedule: Gives the parent/student access to a "Schedule" tab that shows the student's schedule for the current active term.

  6. Teacher Email Address: Displays the teacher's school email address. 

  7. Assignment Grades from Past Terms: Allows the parent/student, when viewing assignments, to choose classes from previous terms. 

  8. Unofficial Transcript: Gives the parent/student access to a "Transcript" tab that shows an unofficial transcript that lists previous concluded overall grades.

  9. Academic Alerts: Allows the parent/student to set alerts based on grade entries.

  10. Locker Information: Shows/hides locker information on the parent/student interface.

  11. Published Report Cards: Shows a PDF icon that allows parents/students to download a published report card. A report card must be published for the student through "Administrator Reports" in order for the icon to show. Likewise, this option must be selected in order for parents/students to have access to any published report cards. 

  12. Login Page Secondary Language Support: Allows the Login Info report to be generated in a language other than English.

  13. Student accounts can access siblings: Allows Family accounts to switch between siblings. Siblings must be connected by the same "Family ID". Student accounts cannot switch between siblings and Family 2 accounts can only switch between those students to which they have been given access (see Family Accounts)

  14. Edit Emails Page: Allows parents and students to edit the email address they have on file. Student and family accounts can only edit their own emails. For example, a Family 2 account cannot edit the emails on file for the Family 1 account and a Family 1 account cannot edit the email on file for a Student account; however, an administrator can edit all the emails on file.

  15. Show School News: Allows parents and students to access the School News page.

  16. Show Teacher Pages: Allows parents and students to access Teacher Pages.