Gradelink makes documenting volunteer or community service hours easy with the Service Hours Report. Service Hours can be compiled for both individual students as well as for Families. There are 6 major components to this report; Running Total, Individual Log, Awaiting Approval, Student and Family viewing, Settings and Export.

The Service Hours Report is located under the “Misc Reports” heading in the Administrator Reports tab.

Running Total

In this section, an Administrator can track totals for all student or family hours for a specific timeframe set by the Administrator. It can be filtered by Submitted Hours, Approved Hours and Remaining hours needed to fulfill your specified hours requirement.

Individual Log

Individual entries for a selected student (or family) are tracked here. In the parent/student interface, if enabled, entries can be added or deleted. Administrators can also approve entries if this function is enabled.

Awaiting Approval

Administrators can view and approve hours submitted for students/families. They can also approve and delete from this section.

Student and Family Switch

If both per-student and per-family hours tracking are enabled, use this to switch between views.


  • Choose to show or hide the Service Hours tab on parent/student login.

  • Enabling Approval will show an approval section, allow administrators to approve individual entries, and breakout the student or family totals by submitted and approved hours.

  • Show new enrollments, which are not considered “Active” status students, if you wish to track hours for these students.

  • Enable per student tracking and set the number of required hours.

  • Enable per family tracking and set the number of required hours.


Note that family and student hours are tracked separately; students hours do not total together or combine with the family hours.


  • The date range preset allows setting the date range for which hours will be totaled. Usually this would be set to your school year or whatever time frame you would be accepting hours from for current reporting purposes. This affects the totals on both student and parent logins as well as administrator.


Any of the log screens can be exported to Excel compatible CSV files.