1. Why is attendance showing twice on the report card?


There are two common reasons why Attendance might appear twice on Report Cards:

  • Students are enrolled in more than one Attendance Class
  • The Attendance Class has been configured incorrectly

Option 1 - Students are enrolled in more than one Attendance Class:

The most common reason Attendance appears multiple times on Report Cards is that Students have been added to more than one Attendance Class. For example, some schools use the School Attendance Class Type to create a "Homeroom" or "Tutorial Period" and conclude those classes just like they would a regular attendance class. However, if a School Attendance class is concluded, it will appear on the report card. The result, like the picture shown above, will be multiple Attendance columns on the Report Card.

The easiest way to avoid this error is to ensure that Students are enrolled in the correct number of Attendance classes and to make sure that only classes where Attendance is actually recorded are Concluded.

Option 2 - The Attendance Class has been configured incorrectly:

This error is less common and involves one or more Attendance classes being configured incorrectly between terms. When generating a Report Card for multiple academic terms, Gradelink looks for classes with identical characteristics (Class Title, Report Title, etc.) and combines them into a single entry. However, if the characteristics for a class differ too much between Terms, then they won't be combined properly on the Report Card.

To avoid this error, make sure that your Attendance classes retain the same Report Title for every term that is part of the same academic year.