1. A student has the incorrect grade level on the report card, how do I fix it?



The most common reason that a student's report card might show the wrong grade level is that the student was promoted to a new grade level before all of the classes that they were enrolled in were concluded. 

When a class is concluded, Gradelink creates a record of the grade levels associated with each student enrolled in the class. Therefore, if a student is promoted before all of the classes they are enrolled in have been concluded, then Gradelink will create two records: one associated with the old grade level and one associated with the new grade level. When an administrator tries to generate a report card for this student, Gradelink will use the most recent record and display the wrong grade level.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to edit the student's Transcript, which will also affect the values that appear on the Report Card. For more information, please click here.