Possible Scenarios:

1. I just updated term comments and it is not reflecting on the report card?

2. The grades on the report card don't match the grades on the gradesheet, what's going on?


The most common reason that grades or other data that appear on a report card don't match what appears on the teacher interface is that changes were made to a class after it was concluded. 

When a class is concluded, Gradelink considers any existing grade data as "final". Therefore, teachers will need to re-conclude their classes  if any changes are made after the class was first concluded. This applies in all cases, regardless of what type of class the changes were made to; whether it's a standard class, a term comments class, or even an attendance class, whenever changes are made to a concluded class, the class must be re-concluded for the changes to appear on the report card.

If re-concluding the class doesn't correct the issue, please send an email to service@gradelink and your account representative will provide further assistance.