Gradelink gives users the ability to override the default Assignment Type in their sync configurations. This can be a helpful feature because it allows you to simulate the "weighting categories" from Google Classroom and also means that when you sync assignments to Gradelink, they won't always appear with the same Assignment Type.

To override the default Assignment Type, first login to your Google Classroom account and select the assignment/coursework that you would like to sync. Then, in the "Instructions" field, enter the name of an Assignment Type that exists for the class in Gradelink that the coursework will be synced to, surrounded by square brackets.

For example, if the Assignment Type that I wanted to use was "Projects", then I would enter "[Projects]" in the Instructions field in Google Classroom

Finally, return to Gradelink and click the "Sync" button; you should see the new Assignment Type appear automatically.

These steps also appear within Gradelink as a tooltip when you hover over the text "Default Assignment Type" on the Sync Settings page.