1. How do we edit the values on the attendance sheet?


If you would like to edit the values that appear on the Daily Attendance sheet:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click Daily Atten. Settings near the bottom of the page

The Attendance Settings page can seem a little imposing at first, so we'll go over each element one at a time.

The first four columns determine how attendance values are displayed in different areas of Gradelink:

  • Full Title is the name that appears on most reports and in the Student / Parent interface.
  • Abbreviated Title is the name that appears that appears on the Attendance Sheet.
  • Report Legend only appears on the Attendance Sheet report.
  • Report Card Title is the name that appears on Report Cards.

The next column, Show On Report Card, needs to be active for attendance values to appear on the Report Card.

Multi-Select is used when multiple attendance values can be active at the same time. For example, some schools allow students to be marked both Present and Tardy at the same time. It's important to note that the first two attendance values, Present and Absent, can never be active at the same time and as a result you will not be able to check the "multi-select" boxes for those values.

The next two columns assign numeric points to each attendance value. These points are useful when calculating attendance totals at the end of a term or in special cases such as when multiple Tardies can add up to an Absence.

  • Present Value: Set to zero for everything except for “Present” or anything that takes the place of being present.
  • Absent Value: Set to zero for everything except for “Absent” or anything in place of being absent such as “excused absence” or “medical absence”. If you want three tardies to equal one absence, set it to -0.33. This will cause the “Day Absent” value to include the sum of days absent, excused absences and tardies.

If a particular attendance value should not affect a student's overall attendance, then be sure to check the box labeled Excluded Attendance. Otherwise, the attendance value will prevent a student from having perfect attendance.

Finally, values recorded on the attendance sheet can be used to automatically add charges to student ledgers in the Financial Tab is the Billing Value box is checked for that value. For more information about using the attendance sheet to recorded financial charges, please click here.