1. Our report card header is missing, what do we do?

2. Why isn't our school's logo showing up?


In certain cases, graphics on the report card such as headers, watermarks, or school logos may disappear and an empty white box will show up instead.

Custom HTML is required to include graphics on the report card; therefore, there are two common reasons why the graphics might disappear:

  • The graphic has been deleted after being uploaded to Gradelink
  • The Custom HTML has been altered

To determine whether or not a graphic has been deleted, go to the report card generation page and click on the Edit button next to the report profile drop-down menu.

On the following page, the Profile Graphics section will display a list of all of the files that have been uploaded to Gradelink for use on report cards. The most common reason that a graphic isn't appearing on the report card is because it has accidentally been deleted here. If you notice that one of your graphics is missing, you can simply re-upload the file.

However, when you re-upload the missing graphic, make sure that you don't change its name. The Custom HTML that determines how graphics appear on the report card requires the exact same file name, so if you re-upload the missing graphic with a new name the HTML won't take effect.

If you're unsure what the correct file name should be, or if you would just like general assistance with your report cards, feel free to contact Gradelink: