When you are ready to begin setting up the new enrollment session for the upcoming academic year, please do the following: 



1. Creating A New Enrollment Session: Use the following instructions on how to create a new enrollment session and then change over to the new session, respectively. 


2. Custom Signature and Date Fields: If you have custom electronic signatures and dates as part of your form, please send a request to service@gradelink.com to have us clear those fields for the new enrollment session, as they do not automatically clear out when a new enrollment session is created. While this will also clear other custom inputs on the same page, it will not clear the entries for standard EnrollMe questions.  

3a. Updating Existing Form Content: Please email service@gradelink.com any changes you need to have done on your existing form content. 


3b. Adding New Content to the Form: If you need to add any new material to your form, please use our Quote Generator - Request Updates form to specify which content you would like to add. Please keep in mind there is a fee to add brand new content onto your EnrollMe form, which the quote generator will display for you once you have made your selections. 

4a. New Enrollments: Families of students who are applying/enrolling to the school for the first time (and who currently don't have students in the Students tab of Gradelink) can create a registration account to finish the school's enrollment process when the school makes the enrollment link available to families via individual distribution, or puts the link on the school website.

4b. Re-Enrollments: Families of returning students (those that already have a student profile in the Students tab and show up as Re-enrollments in EnrollMe)  can log in to their parent portals when the school enables the Re-Enroll tab to show up in the parent portal. The school can then provide the login information to the current families individually or all at once.

5. Review Your Auto-Reply Email Settings: 

  1. Click the EnrollMe tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the Settings sub-tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Email Settings button.
  4. From the View/Edit the default email message for this enrollment status drop-down menu, select the particular form status email you would like to edit.
  5. Edit the email template in the textbox and Subject: line as needed. 
  6. Click the Save Notification Message button at the bottom left corner of the page when you are finished with your changes.

Note: The first and last name of the students ({fname}{lname}), as well as the school name ({school-name}), will be pre-populated in the emails.