Note: This article describes how to generate a WISEid for an individual student. If you only need to generate WISEids for a large number of students at once, please click here. 

The WISEdata Identity tool allows users to search WISEdata records for individual Students based on data recorded in Gradelink. If the Student already exists in WISEdata, users can automatically import their WISEid to Gradelink; if the Student doesn't exist, a WISEid can even be created.

To get started, go to the Students tab and select a student that does not already have a WISEid recorded for their Gradelink account. Students that are missing a WISEid should have a "Search" button next to the WISEid field. Click on the "Search" button to continue.

This will take you to the "Identity" page which should look something like this:

There's a lot of information so we're going to go over each element on the page one at a time:

  • DPI Org ID (also called WISEdata School ID): This unique identifier should have already been recorded on your Gradelink School Profile and cannot be changed from the "Identity" page;
  • Identity Request Type: This dropdown menu has three values - GET, FIND, and SEARCH. If you are trying to add a WISEid for a Student that doesn't have one, lmake sure SEARCH is selected before continuing;
  • Identity Request Input: This text field should automatically populate with various information stored in Gradelink associated with the Student you've selected;
  • Example: Because information is automatically populated into the Identity Request Input field, default values are shown below to provide the user with context for what each value in the Request means;

Click on the blue "Search" button to continue. Depending on what kind of information is stored in Gradelink for the selected Student, as well as what kind of information is already on record at WISEdata, you will see several additional fields appear. There are two basic scenarios:

  1. Searching for a Student that doesn't exist at WISEdata
  2. Searching for a Student that already exists at WISEdata (partial or perfect match)

Scenario 1: Searching for a Student that doesn't exist at WISEdata

In this case, you should see the following additional fields appear:

  • Search Key is a unique value generated after the search completes; you can safely ignore it;
  • RespCount (short for "Response Count") is the total number of valid 'hits' your search had - this number will be 0 if the selected Student doesn't exist at WISEdata;
  • CREATE WISEid will submit the information stored in Gradelink to WISEdata in order to generate a WISEid for the selected Student;
  • SAVE WISEid allows you to pair the Student account in Gradelink with a corresponding account in WISEdata; this option won't be enabled if the RespCount is zero;

In the event that the Student doesn't exist at WISEdata, all you need to do is click the blue CREATE WISEid button. The page should automatically refresh after a few seconds and the selected Student will have a WISEid associated with their account.

Occasionally, you may encounter an error message after clicking CREATE WISEid. The most common reason for this is that the Student's Gradelink account is missing data that WISEdata requires in order to generate a WISEid. For a list of required fields as well additional information about preventing errors during the WISEid creation process, please click here.

Scenario 2: Searching for a Student that already exists at WISEdata (partial or perfect match)

If the student you've selected already exists at WISEdata, WISEdata will try to return a number of results that appear to match the selected Student based on data available in Gradelink. In the event of a partial match, you may see multiple results:

...while a perfect match will usually be the only result:

WISEdata evaluates each search result and scores them based on their accuracy. Results with only partially matching data - such as only having the same first name or the same date of birth - will receive varying scores (generally between 0 and 85). Results that perfectly match the selected Student will receive a score of 100.

Note: Generally speaking, a search result can only receive a score of 100 if the Student already has a WISEid in Gradelink. Even if WISEdata finds a search result with a matching first name, last name, and date of birth the score will likely still be between 80 and 85.

You can view additional information about a particular search result by clicking on it; this is often necessary if ou receive multiple search results with similar scores.

Once you've found the search result that best matches the selected Student in Gradelink, select the search result by clicking on the radial on the far right and then click SAVE WISEid. If none of the search results are a match for the selected Student, you may wish to create a new WISEid instead.